About Us

CasualReliefTeachers.com.au exists to provide information on all aspects of casual relief teaching, from giving new graduates a clear picture of the competitive nature of relief work, providing a job referral listing service, and information on school expectations regarding CRT teacher duties, practices and the code of conduct.  A list of all state government accreditation authorities and relevant educational bodies are also provided in order to gain additional insight into casual relief teacher employment.

We also supply you with teaching jobs agencies and career / classroom resources information to increase your scope of successfully sourcing employment. We have listed government and non-government teaching job placement agencies for easy access and convenience. Teachers can peruse, select and evaluate all services offered by teacher agencies Australia wide. Staff is now able to source vital information on agency practices, commissions, finder’s fees and lock in contracts. We have listed agencies who do not apply commissions, finder’s fees or contracts.

It is advised all interested teachers seeking relief teaching (CRT) to be pro-active, contact agency personnel and before signing work agreement contracts to enquire about commissions structures and  terms and conditions as stipulated on contracts of employment.